Tailgating to fog lamps, the things that drive us to distraction on Bermuda’s roads

Bermuda News and Views January 13, 2020
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Tailgating to fog lamps, the things that drive us to distraction on Bermuda’s roads

Last week we posted this story about bad driving habits in the UK and asked what drives people mad here? There were some interesting responses, here are the highlights:

  • Leaving high beams on in your face is number two. Every night in Bermuda I get this. By law it is illegal to have them on within 500ft in front and 300 ft from behind. They drive right up and lower them 10 feet I front Of you. I can’t see a thing .blinded I wonder what they are even thinking, haha
  • Third Lane created by motorbikes during rush hour & motorbikes overtaking on blind corners & summits!
  • Blinding high beams at night.
  • No excuse at all for it, it’s open aggression IMO.
  • Bermudians love of fog lights and hate of the indicator
  • Tailgating, incorrect use of lights at night, overtaking in dangerous situations, lack of use of indicators and everything else
  • People that stop at the roundabout heading into town mornings
  • Fog lights, third lane & kids on the front of bikes
  • Bikes over taking on the inside. Over taking at such speed, then turn off at the next exit. Was it really worth it? Tail gating, blinded by full beams from behind and in front. No indication of where others are going, annoying on roundabouts for sure. Texting while driving, cutting corners you have your side I have mine. Stay in lane
  • Bicycles that don’t obey traffic rules!! This morning…one overtaking cars on the inside. Not safe on a motorcycle, so…what makes it safer on a pedal bike? This isn’t the tour de France, this is commuter traffic. If you’re biking for exercise alone and don’t want to start and stop, there’s early morning and late evening, but creeping up on the inside because you’re on a bike is no safer than doing the same thing on a motorcycle. I’ve seen pedal bikes blowing through traffic lights, stop signs, pedestrian crossings, etc.- please please please obey the same rules, if not for your own safety for that of others!


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